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"Urban Analytics has become our 'in house' market research department, working hand in glove with us to ensure our product is well-targeted from inception to completion."

—C. Grant, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Coromandel Properties Ltd.

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Urban Analytics is the trusted source of industry data for developers, planners and financial institutions in the Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton real estate markets. We help our partners interpret the ever-changing vital statistics of our industry by providing innovative products and services that allow them to maximize the value of their real estate investment.

"They get it. They understand that research without interpretation, conclusions and recommendations has no value. It also helps that they're great to work with."

—H. Minhas, Director, Product Performance, PortLiving

The de facto voice of industry trends.

Our quarterly reports provide high-level insight on price and buyer trends, anticipated project launches and inventory and sales data for multi-family homes in Metro Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Learn about the latest trends below.

Download PDF   Metro Vancouver - UDI State of the Market Q1 2018

Download PDF  Metro Vancouver - UA Take for Q2 2018

Download PDF   Calgary - UA Take for Q2 2018

Download PDF   Edmonton - UA Take for Q2 2018

"We've worked with UA for years, relying on them to tell us what we need to know, even if it's not always what we want to hear. They provide analysis that no one else in the market can match."

—D. Porte, President, Porte Development Corp. & Porte Realty Ltd.

A wealth of real estate experience.

Michael Ferreira
Jon Bennest
Kimberly Poffenroth
Darcy Rai
Jayne McKay
Louis Landolt
Connor Edinger
Dillon Sangha
Andie Daggett
Shannon Warner
Brock Lawson

Michael Ferreira

Managing Principal

For more than 20 years, Michael has provided market intelligence and insight to senior-level executives in the residential real estate industry. Having successfully navigated through multiple real estate cycles, Michael knows what to look for to accurately assess, predict and maximize value for current and future projects.

Jon Bennest


Jon brings over a decade of extensive real estate analytical experience to the UA team. Prior to UA Jon conducted market research and provided strategic recommendations for two of BC’s more prolific home builders, which helped him obtain a thorough knowledge of the market. Jon’s critical thinking abilities allow him to quickly identify the critical factors contributing to the potential success or failure of the developments he assesses.

Kimberly Poffenroth

VP, Business Development & Market Analysts (Alberta)

Bachelor of Arts – Urban Studies

Kimberly joined UA to pursue her passion in the real estate development industry. She is based in Calgary where she manages UA’s monitoring of the new multi-family home sectors of the residential markets in Calgary and Edmonton. In addition to the collection and analysis of data on active and proposed new condominium and townhome projects, and new purpose-built rental apartment developments, she identifies trends in each market to assist stakeholders make informed decisions. Kimberly is a graduate of the University of Calgary where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies.

Darcy Rai

VP, Sales & Market Analysts (BC)

Darcy Rai joined the UA team to pursue his passion for analyzing residential real estate markets and identifying the opportunities in those markets. He has a strong interest in real estate design, and understanding the factors and trends that impact demand levels for various new home product forms. Darcy is able to apply his capacity for critical thinking and communication skills to obtain data and anecdotal information that provide UA clients and subscribers with invaluable project and market analysis. Darcy is fully appreciative of the urban planning process and is an avid observer of the change and growth of Metro Vancouver's communities and neighbourhoods.

Jayne McKay

Senior Market Analyst (Alberta)

Bachelor of Arts - Marketing

Jayne joined the UA team to pursue her keen interest in the real estate industry. She has a passion for Calgary’s residential real estate market and is convey or knowledge and insight on new multi-family developments in the city. Jayne appreciates how quickly things can change in the industry and enjoys tracking, analyzing and understanding trends that impact new developments. Jayne holds her real estate license in the province of Alberta and is a graduate of Mount Royal University where she received a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing.

Andie Daggett

Market & Rental Data Analyst (Alberta) 

Bachelor of Commerce

Shannon Warner

Market & Advisory Analyst (BC)

Bachelor of Commerce - Economics

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