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"We couldn't imagine buying land, designing our projects and bringing them to market without utilizing Urban Analytics and their market knowledge. It's like having an entire research department at our disposal."

— D. Simpson, VP Sales & Marketing, Bosa Properties Inc.

Research and Analysis

For more than 20 years, Urban Analytics has been conducting "boots on the ground" research and analysis of multi-family home developments that places us at the forefront of the industry.

The primary data we gain from actively touring properties and projects and speaking with representatives of new developments provides clarity with respect to what's selling, who's buying and what this means for your project at every stage of development.

"UA is a vital and strategic partner in providing our clients with the most relevant, up-to-date real estate intelligence our clients have come to rely on."

— W. S. Brown, President, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd.

Independent and well-informed.

Developers, lenders, and municipalities make multimillion-dollar decisions on a daily basis. Strong personalities and vested interests can sometimes cloud the decision making process.

As an arm's-length advisor, we are able to help clients avoid the pitfalls that arise from insular points of view. We mitigate risk by providing data and insight into what is currently selling, what's in the pipeline, and how this meshes with broader demographic trends and market demand.

Efficient and scalable.

Our primary focus is helping clients achieve success in the marketplace, whether that means selling out a project in a defined period of time, understanding the optimal buyer for a given neighbourhood, or financing a development with the highest probability of completion.

By doing the legwork for leading developers, marketers, appraisers, lenders, construction companies, and municipalities, Urban Analytics is able to keep abreast of the market and help businesses of all sizes understand the best way to go with every decision throughout the development process.

Customized Data Reports

  • Revenue Estimates
  • Market Analysis
  • Best Use Land Studies
  • Project Specific Market Evaluations
  • Opinion Documents
  • Project Audits
  • Pricing Strategy Recommendations
  • Sub-Market Monitoring
  • Consumer Research
  • Retainer Services
  • Custom Services
"Some of the best developments I have worked on started with good research provided by Urban Analytics. I couldn't imagine working on a project without the market intelligence and analysis UA provides."

— D. McMeekin, President, Artemis Marketing Group

Emerging opportunity in growth markets.

There was a time, in Vancouver and Calgary, when simply erecting a building was enough to ensure success, but the growth, maturation, and complexity of these markets (and others) has made it imperative to use data driven insight to maximize potential revenue.

Don't leave money on the table with your next project. Contact an Urban Analytics representative today.

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Looking to simply access our data? may be right for you.

Some situations don't call for complex analysis; you need the raw numbers. Even waiting for a monthly report can be insufficient. That's why we created the New Home Source, a live, online data product for the multi-family residential real estate industry.

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